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Course fees/tuition
If you’re taking a course that lasts longer than a year, you’ll need to show that you have enough money to cover the first year. If your course is fewer than 12 months, you must demonstrate that you have adequate money to cover the entire cost.
The overall price can be reduced by any tuition fees paid to the university before you apply. This can be demonstrated by your CAS or receipts.

Living costs
You must show a total of £9207 (£1023 per month for up to 9 months) or the length of your course, whichever is shorter.  This can be demonstrated by your CAS or receipts. This does not include any fees paid for private lodging.

Maintenance for dependants
If you are accompanying dependant/s ,each dependant must demonstrate maintenance of £6120 (£680 per month for a maximum of 9 months) or the length of leave (immigration permission) expected to be granted, whichever is shorter.
The funds may be held by either the dependent or the student. Funds for dependent children can be held by the Student or the dependant partner as long as they have, or are in the process of obtaining, immigration permission (other than as a visitor) at the same time as the child.

The only family members who can be your dependants are your partner and children.
Your partner could be one of the following:
• Your spouse;
• Your civil partner;
• Your unmarried or same-sex partner.

When you seek for immigration permission, you must both be at least 18 years old.
You must intend to reside with your partner in the UK for the duration of his or her stay.
Your companion must not plan on staying in the UK for longer than the time period you have been allocated.
Your kids must be able to:
• They must be under the age of 18 at the time of application; or they must be 18 or older if they are currently in the UK as a dependent child and applying to renew their visa.

It depends on the type of visa you have, the course you are taking, and the length of your stay in the UK. You may be able to bring dependants if you have a Tier 4/Student visa, but only if:
• you are enrolled in a 9-month or longer full-time degree sponsored by the university at RQF Level 7 (Master’s Degree) or higher; or If you are a government-sponsored student enrolled in a 6-month or longer full-time study; or
If you’re submitting an application for the Doctorate Extension Scheme (DES).
If you are in the UK as a guest, a short-term study student, or a part-time Tier 4/Student, you cannot bring family members under the Dependant route.

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